Traditional Dark Balsamic

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Our finest grade of aged balsamic condimento from Modena Italy is produced in the tradional style. It is aged using the Solera System for up to 18 years in 5 seasoned barrels. With a 4% acidity, our condimento is exceedingly rich, complex and dense. It pairs beautifully with any olive oil in our collection. for vinaigrettes, glazed or marinades. Also try drizzled over ice cream with fresh berries.

5 reviews for Traditional Dark Balsamic

  1. Susan Malone

    Everyone should try this. It makes everything delicious, especially in a Caprese salad (buffalo mozzarella, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, and basil, with olive oil and this balsamic vinegar) served with steak. I dip the steak in it too. It’s also good on Chicken Caprese – saute chicken in olive oil until done, then, top with a thick tomato slice and buffalo mozarella, and bake ten minutes at 400. To serve, top with shredded basil and drizzle this balsamic vinegar and your favorite olive oil. I even like it on cottage cheese and tomatoes, with shredded basil and a balsamic and olive oil drizzle. I’ve given this to people I know who enjoy good food and they love it too.

  2. Shell (verified owner)

    A staple in our kitchen. I have given it as gifts many times.

  3. Margaret

    I love using this vinegar for salad dressings, marinades and for drizzling over roasted veggies or meat. I am definitely spoiled and can’t go back to balsamic vinegar at the grocery store!

  4. Le (verified owner)

    Excellent quality. Smooth, perfect just the way it is.

  5. Malika Abdur Razzaq (verified owner)

    For years I never would purchase any dressing that had balsamic vinegar because the ones you typically buy in the stores to me, didn’t taste good at all. This is the BEST balsamic vinegar I have ever tasted. I literally have purchased (approx 4 bottles) in the last few months. I use this traditional balsamic vinegar on everything. I drizzle it on my avocado toast, on baked chicken (sounds crazy) and it is so good. I also use this vinegar combined with the green chile olive oil on my Kale Salad with Applies. It is honestly the best tasting balsamic vinegar EVER.

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