Garlic and Onion Sea Salt

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Combination of natural sea salt with garlic and onion creates this amazing flavorful experience. Use for cooking, rubs, and toppings on all of your favorite foods. Comes in a 2 oz glass jar.

1 review for Garlic and Onion Sea Salt

  1. Shane Russell (verified owner)

    This blend has become an instant favorite of mine. I’ve used it in my cooking in lieu of using salt, onion powder, and garlic power in conjunction. Olive the Best’s Garlic and Onion Sea Salt has a delicious prominence of rich garlic and onion flavor in it. The balance of flavors makes is suitable in every dish that calls for that flavor profile. And with how rich it is, it doesn’t take a liberal amount to get the flavor I need. When I sampled it in-store in Flagstaff, I couldn’t believe how balanced all the elements were, in taste. It’s way more than a salt; it shares flavors evenly. I won’t be without this in my spice rack.

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