Cranberry Jalapeno Beef Jerky


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2.5 oz Premium Product

1st Place Jerky Competition Winner

A slight hint of Jalapeno highlights the well-balanced sweet fusion of Cranberries to produce a true and unexpected one-of-a-kind flavor that only we can deliver.  Soft and tender excellence in mouth-watering perfection.  This is a must-try extraordinary flavor for anyone who likes sweet flavored jerky.

The story of this flavor began in about 2013 when Jeff first tried a Cranberry Jalapeno jelly at a local farmer’s market. His refined pallet immediately knew this would make a really unique and terrific beef jerky flavor. He went home and created the marinade on paper and without even making a test batch of the marinade; he sent off a fairly complicated recipe to the jerky plant for a test production. The resulting flavor and soft texture of the finished product was absolute perfection without any modifications. A few months later it went into real production and the rest is history.  This flavor remains one of our top sellers today.  Don’t be afraid of a slight hint of jalapeno… everyone who tries it loves it.


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