Classic Bourbon Whiskey Beef Jerky


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2.5 oz Premium Product

Low Sodium Beef Jerky

Classic Bourbon Whiskey Beef Jerky

A perfect gift for any Bourbon aficionado. The alcohol cooks off in the process, but the classic bourbon flavor totally comes through in this premium beef jerky snack.  Bourbon to go! Super low sodium with only 50 mg Sodium per serving. Sweet and mildly spicy.

All of our beef jerky is made with a fine premium cut of American beef. We believe that high quality jerky should have the texture of a fine steak when you take your first bite. Anyone can over-process a tough piece of meat and soften it, but only the finest cuts of beef retain the true texture of a steak when you properly marinate and slow-cook it.  You will taste the difference in quality and anyone who loves bourbon whiskey will love the classic taste that delivers in every bite.


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